Children’s Ministry Requirements

Dear Future Children’s Ministry Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in the Children’s Ministry!!!  It is truly a great opportunity to impact the lives of God’s precious little ones.  It is also a great ministry to the parents, giving them the comfort of knowing caring and concerned people are with their child(ren).

In order to place you in a group quickly, we require you to do the following items and then you will receive your Children’s Ministry badge.

1. Fill out a Children’s Ministry Questionnaire. This is not a test, and you’re not graded on how well you know the Bible. This is only to see how you believe in certain areas. If you are unsure of a question, or need assistance, please call me.

2. Fill out a Live Scan Form and be finger printed at a one of the Live Scan Fingerprint Locations.

3. Sign consent for a Background Check.

4. Photo taken (Photo will be take after Training Class).

We have coordinators and leaders who take care of the teaching and organization of each team, so you will not be expected to teach or lead any class.  Yet, if you feel that God is leading you to lead a group, we can assess the need to do so at that time.  The assistance you give will make a difference to Pastor Ron, the other pastors and the group’s coordinators and leaders.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  CD’s are available FREE of charge for you when you are working in the Children’s Ministry, immediately following your service.

Thanks again for your service to our Lord Jesus Christ!!!

CCPC Children’s Ministry
Office: (714) 893-4141